Friday, May 6, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi Kazakhstan FDC price is declining. ( How I was introduce to Delcampe !!)

Hello Gandhi Collectors,

Kazakhstan is 9th largest country in the world & largest landlocked country, was last Soviet Union to declare independent country in 1991.

To celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 125th Birth Anniversary, on 2nd October 1995 Kazakhstan issued 2 very beautiful stamps in design and color.

Now let me come to the point.

On 2/9/2009 I bought Kazakhstan Mahatma Gandhi FDC for $20. This was my first purchase on delcampe from seller "Bullterrier". But more interesting is how I was introduce to delcampe.!

I was looking for Gandhi philatelic material on ebay as I was very novice Gandhi collector (just moving from stamps to FDC!!) and while browsing recently completed auction on ebay I found that Kazakhstan FDC was sold recently. I contacted that ebay seller "MAXWELLBRUSHSTICK" by ebay contact seller. He replied me back and ask my email id.!!! After I send him my email id he send me email directly(bye bye ebay contact.!!) to go to and type his item # and that's how I was introduce to delcampe. (Cheating starts here.!!).

Following is my purchase of Kazakhstan FDC from "Bullterrier" (ebay id "Maxwellbrushstick").

Yes, that's me. You can see this at delcampe by clicking following link.(still accessible after 2 years by using archiving link.!!).

My first purchase on delcampe.

On 5/4/2011, I saw similar FDC sold for $15. I lost 25% in 2 years.!!! plus my buying & selling expense if I want to sell it right now. So I think I lost 35-40% :)

Does this makes sense to you.?

Not sure why Gandhi Philatelic value is declining.!! Or I paid high price for this Kazakhstan 1995 Gandhi FDC.

I know Gandhi Topical Philatelic collection is very HOT right now, so all New Gandhi collectors BEWARE risk in Gandhi Philatelic Collection. I am not trying to demotivate you but don't just jump in. Think Think Think before you buy.!!

I would love to read your experience of first Gandhi purchase from delcampe so please write your comment so we all can be SAFE!!

BTW: I never bought again from "Bullterrier" or "Maxwellbrushstick".



  1. Dear KP , I bought this FDC from eBay, actually I don't know about the price,
    I am a new collecter, thanks for your blogs....

  2. Hello Mohammed,

    Thanks for your comments. I hope you enjoy reading blog.

    If any suggestion then please let us know.