Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi stamp on unique COKE Post office Postmark Cancel.

Hello Gandhi Philatelist,

Coco-Cola is one of the most famous brand in world and is also known as COKE.  Until August 14, 1964 there was a Post Office named after COKE but nothing to do with COKE or Coco-Cola.

Following postcard has Postmark Cancellation of COKE post office on Last Day of operation  with USA 4 Cents Mahatma Gandhi stamp on it.

This postcard was send to Post Mark Collector Club Museum. (PMMC Museum) in Ohio, USA.

You will never find this USPS postmark cancellation again as there is no post office named COKE anymore.!!

Ketankumar Patel

Further reading & photos of Coke Post Office:

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